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We maximise your property investment while minimising your time invested.

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Our Property Management is different because…

We are maintenance focused

We believe in a proactive approach to property management. Our routine inspections are conducted by Licenced tradespeople. By adopting preventative maintenance measures, we aim to reduce the higher costs of reactive maintenance. This saves you money and time, adding value to your investment.

We are experienced investors

Every member of our team owns investment property. We have experienced first hand the many factors of owning property and we have also learned what not to do!
We are using that experience to make sure your property management experience is the best!

We have cut out unnecessary fees

Our fees are clearly stated in the managing agency agreement and there are no hidden fees.
Because we are investors ourselves and don’t like to pay unnecessary costs, we have cut down our fees to an attractive and competitive package.

We treat people like real people

A good investment requires two main factors. Firstly, you need the right property for your portfolio. Secondly you need the right tenant. Searching for a rental property can sometimes be a frustrating and time consuming experience for prospective tenants. Our property manager runs private inspections, open inspections and frequent inspections! Tenant enquiry is handled promptly and politely.

A tenant who is treated with care and respect is far more likely to treat your investment property with care and respect.

Call Property Solutions 101 and experience the difference…

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