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Property Solutions 101 is a local buyer’s agency and property management agency in Newcastle helping everyday people with their property needs. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, your next home or looking for an investment property, Property Solutions 101 can help.

Specialising in residential and commercial property, our expert team can help guide you through the property maze and help you achieve your goal sooner. Our combined forty years property industry experience means you are in the hands of a skilled professional and we understand the local Newcastle real estate market. Property Solutions 101 empowers you with confidence to make one of the biggest investment you will make, as easily as possible. If you are time poor or not sure where to start, contact us today.

Our Services

Buyers Agent

We give you independent market advice to help you cut through property maze. As Newcastle’s local premier buyer’s agents we can help save you time and money finding the right property. With our exceptional local market knowledge, you can be assured you have the best possible representation during your property transaction.

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Property Management

We are redefining property management. As your proactive and innovative property management specialists we aim to maximise your property investment while minimising your time invested. Property Solutions 101 property management was created to ensure buyers and landlords are looked after by an experienced professional.

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1st Home Buyers

We understand that buying your first home can be an overwhelming task. The property market can be very daunting and buyers can often feel exposed, under too much pressure to make fast decisions and feel vulnerable because of their lack of experience and knowledge. We take the time to explain the process of buying property and we make ourselves available to answer every one of your questions, no matter how big or small without judgement.

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Commercial Property

Commercial property isn’t just about what your buying today, it's what you're selling tomorrow. This is a complex market and we take the time to discuss your briefs, assess your needs, and using our years of property transaction experience we fully represent the buyers and tenants.

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Meet The Team

Property Solutions 101 - Kylie Frearson

Kylie Frearson

Director / Buyer’s Agent

Thirteen years experience with two of the largest international commercial real estate agencies, Kylie has negotiated numerous property transactions for her clients. As Director her role is managing the business as well as obtaining results for her commercial clients.

Property Solutions 101 - Suzy Scaron

Suzy Scaron

Senior Property Manager

Suzy has had extensive experience in property management and has taken the role of Senior Property Manager at Property Solutions 101. The property management team was designed to ensure our clients and tenants are looked after by experienced professionals. Suzy has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to managing a clients asset, maintaining the asset and retaining desirable tenants.

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Latest Purchase

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Just Purchased
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Our clients were time poor professionals looking to increase their property portfolio. They came to our buyers agent here in Newcastle for a little professional assistance to find their perfect property.
We had a brief: find a good quality property, in a suburb growth hot spot that would also bring in a good rental return. We found the perfect property in a hot spot suburb called Islington. We negotiated this one strongly and finally secured the property for a pretty impressive price for a 3 bedroom property in the current hot spot of Islington.  All finalised and now our experienced Property Management team are looking after the property (with another pretty impressive case of their own for this property).
Current Rental Return: $560 per week.

Needless to say, our clients are beyond ecstatic.

No Stress. Excellent Result. Happy Client.


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